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Reunion '98

Yep, it's about time we met up and made a book-cover decision as to whether all W963 hacks are indeed the same!

So we're having a reunion - everyone's welcome, especially if they buy a round!

The details so far are:

10th & 11th October, 1998
W963 | URW, Students Union, University of Warwick. Followed by (when the Union gets too busy) a trip down to The New Varsity (just around the corner from the Gatehouse at the main entrance to Central Campus).
Because that's what Alumni Associations do isn't it?
Unfortunately I'm not currently in a position to arrange accommodation, but I will be researching what possible avenues exist for those of you who can't sort something out yourselves.

I suggest we use W963 (top of the union building....) as a meeting / information point - I'll try to ensure they all know what's going on there, and I'll also arrange for the Union Receptionists to know that there may be a bunch of old has-beens around!

If you can attend, or you might, or you can't but want to, or whatever - please e-mail me so that I have some idea of what's happening (or, worst case, not happening). (alumni@radio.warwick.ac.uk). Cheers.

ASRA Launch

The outgoing chair of the Student Radio Association (SRA), Nick Wallis, announced the Association of Student Radio Alumni (ASRA) at the annual general meeting of the SRA during the 1998 Easter Conference held in Sheffield.

This was due to be launched on 27th June at a combined ASRA launch / SRA Summer Conference in York. Unfortunately, due to low ticket sales, the event has had to be postponed.

It is now likely that the ASRA will be launched in November, at the Autumn SRA conference (and Radio 1 Student Radio Awards), due to be held somewhere in London.

Mark Goodier is due to launch the Association, and there will be a meal / party as well.

The event will also be a celebration of 30 years of student radio.

Update: 29th September

Right, well the date & place has at least been confirmed!

6pm onwards, Friday 13th November, 1998
The City Golf Club, Bride Lane, London, EC1

The following is a transcript of the letter from Nick Wallis (ASRA) regarding this " social evening":

The newly formed Association of Student Radio Alumni (ASRA), in association with the Radio Academy, is delighted to announce its first Social Evening, to be held on Friday 13th November 1998m at 6pm at the City Golf Club, Bride Lane, London EC1.

Mark Goodier will be guest speaker and ASRA's inaugural President. The evening will be attended by radio (and other media) professionals from all over the UK, student representatives from each of the UK's student radio stations and the nominees for the 1998 Radio 1 Student Radio Awards (which are to be presented in London the following evening).

The event is an opportunity to catch up with friends from your student days, find out what is going on at your old station and be present at an extremely sociable occasion.

Food will be served on platters and there will be a cash bar (lager and bitter both less than 2.50 a pint!). Tickets are available from Nicola Wilson at the Radio Academy for only 10ukp and can be booked over the phone, via email or post. As a further inducement, 5 tickets can be purchased for the price of 4, and there will be a special prize for the biggest single ticket order.

Please support this occasion and ensure the Association gets the start it needs. If it is a success we can go on to do much more.

If you are hoping to attend, or want more information e-mail me, so that a) I can keep you informed, b) we can make the most of the 5-for-the-price-of 4 offer and c) so that we stand a good chance of getting the prize for the most attendees!


Or to those who have a life: Year 2000

Since xx/xx/1990, there has been a notice in W963 advertising the Year 2000 gathering for "has-beens" (i.e. the "has-beens piss-up"). This will be taking place on Saturday 27th May, 2000. Put it in you diary/organiser now! Many thanks to Paul Jaggard for having the insight to plan so far in advance.

More details here once location and other details have been confirmed. (What did you have in mind Paul?).


Or for those who don't have the strange mind: Free-Radiating AM

Not strictly an "Alumni" thing, but we might have some views on it!

The next big thing in Student Radio is the offering of low power (1 watt) freely radiating AM licenses to Student and Hospital stations. 28 years after our induction loop system was first started, it still needs a lot of care & attention, so free radiating AM is the best solution, allowing us to cover the whole of campus with ONE transmitter.

However, due to frequency allocation procedures, it is unlikely that W963 will be awarded a license for 963kHz, and hence they (the exec) may want to change the name of the station. With such as history & reputation, could W963 become W1539 ? What do you think? e-mail: alumni@radio.warwick.ac.uk with your views, and I will pass them on to the current executive.


The Radio Authority has just announced that these licenses will be more widely available... here's their press release.


Tony Stoller, Chief Executive of the Radio Authority, is announcing today (14 July) at the Radio Festival in Birmingham that the Authority is making available throughout the country, for the first time, low-powered, freely-radiating AM licences for radio station serving hospitals, universities and other non-commercial establishments. This announcement follows a successful year-long experiment, which was set up by the authority, in which low-powered AM broadcasting was tested as a viable option for these very small-scale services.

Hospital and student stations are currently restricted, in most parts of the country, to delivering their programmes via hard-wired headset systems or a form of AM transmission using induction loop transmitters. These methods of broadcasting involve the use of equipment that is expensive to install and maintain.

Commenting on the new arrangement, Tony Stoller said:

"By providing for a more cost-effective form of transmission, the Authority hopes that low-powered AM will give a new lease of life to a valued and respected sector of the radio industry".

Low-powered AM licenses will be restricted to coverage of a single site, and will only be available to non-commercial establishments such as universities, hospitals, schools and colleges. it is expected that these licences will be available from the Autumn of this year.

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