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W963 Alumni E-mail Mailing Lists

The W963 Alumni mailing list is open to anyone who used to have anything to do with University Radio Warwick, URW or W963.
There are currently two mailing lists for alumni, the "standard" offers instant message relaying, whereas the "digest" version waits until a few messages have been sent before sending you a message with all contributions bundled together.
There is also a mailing list for current w963 happenings, which you may like to join to see more of what's going on at the moment.

The lists are very kindly hosted by CSV, the University's Computer Services. (Thanks especially to Jon Harley for this)

To subscribe, simply send an e-mail to:


with a one line message of:

subscribe w963-alumni
subscribe w963-alumni-digest

subscribe w963-list
for the "standard" mailing list, or:
for the "digest" list.

for w963's "current" list.

Alternatively, use the bit below to subscribe now on-line!

You will receive confirmation of your request, and you will be on the mailing list!

To send messages to everyone on the list, e-mail: w963-alumni@rarwick.ac.uk and it will automatically be sent to everyone else who has subscribed to the list.

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